Any experience with Dr. Christopher Ng and Gleneagles


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Hello! I am due at the end of July. Moving back to Singapore from Tokyo next month. Had Dr. NG as my GYN when I lived in Singapore before and I loved him but I am wondering if any of you have had any delivery experience with him. I will be seeing him next month for the first time about the pregnancy.

He has suggested Gleneagles Hospital as his preferred hosp.

I want a natural, drug free birth and my main concern is whether he is supportive of that choice. I have read about the high incidence of c-sect and unnecessary medical interventions in Singapore and want to make sure I have a dr who supports our choice.

Thank you!


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Hi Baby Coming!

I know how scary it is to be a first time pregnant mom, believe me I was also scared at first. I read somewhere that you should not be scared when you are giving birth because it affects the smooth delivery of the baby.
So, in order for you to not be afraid I will tell you about my experience with Dr. Ng.
My water broke at 3 am. We went to Dr Ng and got an epinephrine. We pushed for 45 minutes and out came my daughter at 10 am. It was fast, effortless and she was 10 lbs. We had no difficulties, no issues, no drama. It was a wonderful experience and the only time I truly appreciated being pregnant. I truly recommend Dr. Ng (


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We were referred to Dr Ng for fertility check and IVF consults, and we're looking to meet with him soon. Has anyone here had any recent experiences with him?


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How much do his services cost? I am planning a pregnancy soon and I would really like to have my delivery with this doctor.