Any good recommendations of Gynae in Jurong area?

not sure if it helps but when i discovered i was pregnant, i went to this "Esther Yeo Clinic" at Jurong east.. 2 doctors are based there...They are GP but both does scanning as well.For me, i was with Dr Esther Yeo until 20 weeks. She then transferred me to her husband who is a gynae at TMC...( she did asked me if I have any preferred gynae)

till now, if im down with flu or anything, Ill just go back to Dr Esther Yeo as the clinic is nearer to my house..


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Hi! I'm new here!
what's Doctor Yeo's husband's name? I've always been to her clinic but i'm thinking to go straight to someone who can deliver since Doctor Yeo can't do delivery

Thank you!


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I would not recommend you any. I don't live in Jurong nor do I have any experience or association of Gynecologists in Jurong
Not sure about Jurong area, but you can try my gynae - Dr Regina Ng in the Clementi area, which is just some minutes away from jurong, if you don't mind the drive.