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Visual art lessons (including painting, drawing, inking with markers) for students in primary and secondary level, for all levels from beginner to intermediate.


"No pretences, just a clear vision."

We are a boutique creative communications art studio that provides a holistic art program to develop your child’s cognitive functioning and socio-emotional skills. Our team of facilitators are seasoned practitioners in art and visual communication with a dedicated love in educating the young through our ideology, methodology and curriculum.


It’s simple; It’s personal.

Like what the great artist Picasso said, every child is an artist. We believe each child’s learning journey is something that is unique to them. By focusing on this journey, we will equip your child with a strong foundation while leaving them lots of room to develop their own art style, something that is uniquely theirs.


Cultivating Greener Pastures


We want to build character, formulate thinking. Each child has a unique set of abilities and it is our duty as teachers to deliver a curriculum that matches the students. In our classes, we encourage vertical thinking through self-exploration with the arts. Under the mentorship from our dedicated art facilitators, your child will be guided towards greener pastures and will embrace interactive learning with confidence to collaborate with peers in an informal setting.

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