Artisan Chocolates in Singapore

Hello Mummysg!

We are Singaporeans behind Beans to Bars Chocolates and we import Award-Winning Artisan and Healthy Chocolates from Europe and Australia direct to you, the chocolate connoisseur.

Our chocolates have won European Gold at the International Chocolate Awards 2014, Bronze at the Northwest Chocolate Festival, and One Star at the World Chocolate Awards.

Some of our flavours are in-house made honeycomb, forest honey, organic mulberries, sea salt, peanut butter, Porcini mushrooms, caramel etc etc - we hope you're excited! We even have premium cooking chocolates for the bakers here! We even have a health range of chocolates containing ingredients such as cordyceps, antioxidants, and probiotics!

In celebration of SG50, we are having 50 chocolate giveaways! To date, we have given away $60 worth of organic chocolates and we're giving away another $40 worth of chocolates for Valentine's Day! Like us on and Instagram to find out how you can win some artisan chocolates today!

Don't want to leave it to chance? Impress your taste buds today! Products Archive - Beans to Bars | Handmade Artisan Chocolates in Singapore

An advance Happy Chinese New Year and Valentine's Day everyone!

Best wishes,
The Beans to Bars Team

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