baby refuse to drink milk


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my 5mths old baby has been refusing to drink milk for past few days. we had no choice but to force feed her to drink milk. but sometimes she will refuse to drink & will cry/scream if we force her again. but she does not reject water, will keep drinking. my mil brought her to doc, he said nothing wrong with my baby, properly her tummy got wind tats y she refuse milk. we tried using RuYi oil on her, she will pass out some gas but still refuse her milk. no choice, my mil spoon feed her abit of cereal & porriage.

any mummies here experience same thing as me? my baby is on similac. we tot mayb she dislike the smell, we tried feeding her with friso, she also refuse milk. pls help!:embarrassed:
Try change the teat? There was once my boy reject milk when he just attended his infant care at 2mths plus. Thought he not use to the environment or the bottle cos i was breastfeeding n latch him since birth. End up donno how n why (cant rmb), teacher change to pigeon teat n he ok.
I donno hear pple say or read or what that if the teat too hard or too soft or too lil flow or too much flow, the baby not comfy drinking will reject.


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my hubby changed the teat before cos we oso tot mayb she cant suck out tats y she refuse milk but after she's on the new teat, she got choke by the milkflow. so now use back current teat.
If she can take porridge or cereal means no wind liao. U try use spoon or straw feed the milk, if she still drinks then is not milk prob but bottle prob lo. Or u use the same bottle feed juice or water. If can drink means not bottle prob but milk prob?


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My 3 month old baby also started to have this peculiar habit too (Only drinks cooled boiled water and rejects expressed breast milk and formula milk- NAN HA) and it seems to have happened overnight. He would start wailing the moment he tastes milk and start gagging.

Only way to feed him now is to rock him till he's half asleep and then stick the milk bottle in. He would struggle a bit but just keep the bottle there and he will start drinking. We are kind of "forcing" him to drink very 3 to 4.5 hour intervals lest he starves.

Sometime he will start fussing from hunger... just feed him water till he falls half asleep and then switch bottle.

Or feed on demand. Wait till baby's hungry and starts rooting.

My baby's starting to grow out of the habit after about 5 days. Still fusses but not so much.


Re: Baby refuseS to drink milk

Dear mummies,

Seems like we are all not alone when it comes to baby milk drinking problem. My baby boy became fussy at 6 months when his two bottom teeth started sprouting. After about 1-2 months things got better. Now at 10 months, his upper two teeth are coming out and the same problem came back. He would not finish his milk -- he stops when the milk comes to the 50-80 ml mark! Not that he knows how to read the numbers but somehow he just stops there and refuses to drink anymore. Will cry, push the bottle away with his hands AND feet and start turning his head to the sides in protest. As he is on solids now, I try not to be too worried. He also rejects solids sometimes. He may like certain solids for one day and then totally rejects it the following day. Strange. But according to my nanny who has more experience than me, this is NORMAL and is a phase that babies do go thru and will pass by. My friend's baby girl also has the same problem at 5 months and like what some of you have shared, she gets her milk feeds when she is half asleep so that she will not reject it.

I find the following methods work for me:

1) Enlarging the teat hole when the drinking becomes too stressed or slow for the baby i.e. if feeding takes more than 20 mins. My baby used to drink very slowly until I change the teat size and enlarge it further since it is already the largest size available.

2) Baby sometimes wants a short break (5-15 mins) during milk drinking. So I will stop feeding him and let him sit a while, carry him around and play a little song for him. Then if I am fortunate enough, he will finish off the whole bottle without wasting a single drop!

3) Changing position may help sometimes: sometimes my baby likes the cradle position, sometimes he just rests on my chest/belly (feeding from the front) and sometimes he can drink with a high pillow under his head and back while lying on the mattress.


Re: Baby refuseS to drink milk

my girl, 8mths now, also like that. this is the 2nd time she behaves this way.
first time was when she's 6mths+. havent on solid yet. 1 whole day drink 2x milk only. morning and night. total 280ml only. horrible. then i add milo into her milk, she takes. so i let her be. for about 2weeks, den i tried removing the milo, she still take. so things went well after that. who knows. the horror came back again last sat.
she refuse milk TOTALLY. she will want her pacifier. no choice, we feed her solid only. gave her puree. she eat.
she see milk bottle only, will push the bottle away and cry/struggle. irritated and losing my patience. she skipped her infant care for 2 days coz i scared she will behave that way in sch and the teachers dunno how to handle. so i put her with my mum ( she's the caregiver b4 bb attend sch ). my mum also cannot tahan and no ways to feed her.
i put cereal, milk powder and puree tgt and feed. she takes. plain water, she takes. -_-"

today, my mum had to go see doc so i have to bring bb to sch. i brought 1 bottle of puree for the teacher in case she wanna take. end up, when i went to check her out during lunch time, the teacher was feeding her milk! she finished 180ml!! i was shocked. but glad she finally take her milk after rejecting her milk for the past 4 days...

think this is a phrase for bb. im not too sure if the dr is really right about this. he said, its ok even if bb didnt drink milk for 7days. he say, let her be and let her get hungry. when she's hungry, she will auto ask for milk. but at least mine is eating solid. not too bad.