Beware of EASTPOINT mall breastfeeding cubicles


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Dear Breastfeeding Mums, please beware of the breastfeeding cubicles within EASTPOINT mall. On December 15, 2014, I was inside one of these cubicles on level 2 with my baby. Suddenly a man shouted "Hello" and I answered him, indicating I'm using the cubicle. To my surprise, he immediately drew open the curtains forcefully, frightening my baby. At that time I was breastfeeding. My goodness! Without apologizing, he ran off! Later I recognized that he was one of the cleaners in dark red T shirt. I reported to the information counter. They recorded my encounter. I hope they will do something about this. I suggest if you need to use any of the breastfeeding cubicles with curtains and no doors, have your loved one outside to wait for you.