bunk children's bed


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i think such bed can slp until quite old but the bad point is, u gonna be v careful that ur son might be climbing up the bed and fall, have to be very careful. =)


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i think united sq hv a shop that sells such beds.
but like apollo mention, its quite dangerous if your son is very young. i think Pri sch more suitable for such beds.


we bought a normal kids bunk beds (3 beds type) n regreted getting it cos it's quite hot for the kids to sleep there, unless u hv aircon running all nite in the room... you can't get any wind from the fan when u sleep at the top level... middle level still quite okie... but the one sleeping at the bottom level oso can't feel any wind unless u buy the figure-8 oscilliation type of fan (which we did eventually)... so i wouldn't recommend it unless u hv aircon running in the room all nite...