Can baby still take 6-in-1 vaccine?


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hi mummies, need yr advice pls.

my baby is coming 4mths this wkend, we had brought her for her 6-in-1 first jab last night @ GP but he said my baby cannot take the 6-in-1 because she is supposed to take at 1.5mth.

We told the GP the reason we had delayed was because my baby kept falling sick, she had flu on & off.

endup the GP said my baby can now take the 5-in-1 since she is turning 4mths soon. we asked what is the difference btw 6 & 5-in-1, the GP said 5-in-1 doesnt ve HepB protection.

we r confused as my son took his 6-in-1 2yrs ago when he was 3mths+ because he also had flu thus we had to postpone the injection. but endup my baby did not take the jab cos the GP advise us to either check with polyclinic or PD to play safe.

can my baby still take the 6-in-1 jab now at 3mths+? so confusing...did the rules & regulations change again?


My bb is 9 weeks old, took 6 in 1, rotavirus and pneumococcal - everything in 1 day. 2 jabs, one on each thigh.


The reason why bb can take it in this manner cos I am not a Hep B carrier.

Mummy who is Hep B carrier cannot take it this way.

Do check with your doc if you are Hep B carrier.