Delphin vacuum cleaner costing $3400



Wet dust can’t fly. That’s a fact!
Inspired by the principle of Mother Nature of water-washing, the Ritello mirrors the very essence of conservation and brings it into your home.
The Ritello is equipped with a water basin that tames dust, bad odors and germs. Once they’re in, they’re not going back out.
With the Ritello, clean is here to stay. So is healthy! While safeguarding your ambient air, it reduces airborne allergens such as dust mites, pollen and pet dander.


Mother Nature uses water to trap dust, allergen and contaminants. Every 24 hours it washes itself by rain, snow, sleet and due to help us breathe fresh air; this works for the outside environment.

It’s a fact that Indoor Air Pollution is many times worse than the outdoors. For that purpose, the Ritello works on the same principles of Mother Nature by trapping all unwanted dust and dirt inside its water basin and returns back clean water-washed air inside your home.

For many years, people depended on the traditional vacuum cleaners to keep their indoor environment clean. Unfortunately, those “conventional vacuum cleaners” collect the dust and dirt in a porous bag. Although some companies claim that the pores of their ‘dirt-bags’ are super-micron, in fact they are still big enough for fine particles, bacteria and germs invisible to the naked eye to fly out of the back-end of the vacuum as soon as the unit is operated. Furthermore, after vacuuming for a short while these types of vacuum cleaners start to lose efficiency because the larger dirt start building up and clogging the pores of the bag, cutting off the airflow and weakening the vacuum’s power.

The Ritello system is different, it is inspired by ‘Mother Nature Concept’ using one of its most powerful elements ‘Water’ to trap all unwanted dust, dirt and contaminants inside its unique water basin. There are multiple advantages of using water inside the Ritello, you will enjoy clean water-washed air recirculating back inside your home, you will no longer have to worry about the vacuum bag pores clogging-up, nor losing any cleaning efficiency, because with your Ritello the cleaning suction and airflow will remain 100% at all times.
Ritello’s multiple cleaning functions are also a great help for Allergies and Asthma sufferers. It is recommended by Doctors and Allergists to use the Ritello to clean your home, deodorize and to sanitize your ambient air.

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1. Using Water to Trap Dust
The Ritello works like Mother Nature but in reverse, it uses water, to trap dust, dirt and odors, returning only clean and fresh air to your premises.

2. A Programmable Screen

The unit is equipped with an LED Display Screen to facilitate its use. When on the go, you can simply set the timer for a minimum of 30 minutes or up to a maximum period of 120 minutes. Once the timer is set, the Ritello will start washing your indoor Air and will shut-off at the assigned time.

3. Dual Power

A Powerful Motor technology rotates at 27,000 revolutions per minute that offers double the force of any other system in its line. Dual Power means double the cleaning efficiency. The Ritello separator revolves at high speed to trap the dirt inside the water-basin; while only clean fresh air will return back into your home.

4. Speeds at your Fingertips

The Ritello offers 4 different motor speeds. To wash your Indoor Air select the first speed, then the Ritello will start cleaning your ambient air silently. Select the 2nd and 3rd speeds to clean your Drapes and Upholstery. For the deep-rooted sand select the 4th speed and connect the PowerBrush for best cleaning results.

5. Easy Connect

No more wire tangling, the new Ritello wands have built-in wires for an easy connection. To attach a tool simply twist it onto the wand and snap it on.

6. Pull-Pull Mechanism

A Cord Reel is embedded inside your Ritello to save you time and effort on winding or rewinding the Electric Cord.

7 & 8. Illuminates

Your Ritello & its related PowerBrush illuminate when power is activated. Lights inside the Ritello basin allows you to see the water action and the dirt trapping; while the PowerBrush LED headlights will ensure you do not miss a spot.

9. Height Adjustment

The unique height adjustment pedal offers 5 surface height settings. The PB-G4 series (power brush) height adjustment can accommodate virtually all carpet piles/densities/thicknesses.


    • Air Purifier and Odor Eliminator
    • Recommended for people with Allergies and Breathing Problems
    • Uses Water to trap Dust and Dirt
    • Dual Power Motor
    • 100% cleaning efficiency – No suction loss
    • No Vacuum Bags
    • Small in size
    • Eliminates Dust Mites
    • Ecological Friendly Product
    • Great product to clean and care about your pets
    • Certified as a Health related product
To learn more information about the Ritello System, Please contact us at: 91220579 email us at
If you have a used vacuum or purifier, you can use that to trade in with us to get a further discount.


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hello mummies, has anyone bought the above vacuum?
i owed a dolphin vacuum cleaner 3 years ago,my mom bought it for her house 10 years ago and has never change to a new set,we used it to vaum the floor,carpet,aircon,pillows's really good,i will strongly recommend it.


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I just bought the machine from their promoter. He showed the demo at my home. In the beginning I don’t even bother what the salesman said, b cause I was think that’s all bullshit and just want me to buy the machine. But after he showed me all the dust from my bed and I was really shocked. Some more evidences that he did for my room and my kids bed. After that I really want to remove all the dust for my house and my baby. So last minute I decided to buy, it’s a bit expensive, but I think it’s worth to buy.


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Hi everyone, this literally just happened a few days prior. I am the daughter of a mum who has decided to make this purchase quite impulsively I'd say. One day when I wasn't home, this company with a website came advertising that they'll do the first two aircon cleaning sessions for free, and the subsequent ones at $20. Just need to contact them on WhatsApp and make an appointment for them to come. My mum did just that, and when the cleaning guy came I realised the brand of the vacuum is 'Dolphin', with a logo very similar to 'Delphin', and I immediately thought about how a few years back, my mum was caught in the same kind of 'scam' where they provide you free mattress cleaning service and they were in shopping malls or neighbourhoods advertising this by giving out free Tupperware, sounds familiar? I remember back then they started to hard-sell their vacuum but my mum managed to reject them back then.

Ok, so the cleaning guy is cleaning our aircon right, but once he's done with the first aircon he started to hard-sell like crazy, he was talking about signing a package that is $100 per month but you can get like 3 mattresses and 1 aircon cleaned every month, and you HAVE to sign for at least a year (which is $1200) or 2 or 3 years ($2400 or $3600). Then he started to mention how since Singaporeans kind of live in their HDBs for long term right? So they'll usually buy the 3-year package or 5-year package OR, here comes the good part, THE VACUUM ITSELF. He started to reason that buying a 3-year package is less worth than getting the vacuum, which is the same price (ok this makes sense because you can keep the vacuum even after the 3 years). He started to entice my mum by saying you can just pay by instalment, only $104 (after including GST) per month, such a gOoD dEaL right..?

My mum bought it, she just signed on the order form. I tried to stop her but she just grabbed the order sheet from my hands I was scared speechless HAH

$3700+ just gone like that, like, she won't agree to us getting a $799 Dyson wireless vacuum but for this one, with some sweet easy convincing and hard-selling from the salesman she signed it just like that. And he didn't even look super yandao or anything sia aiyo and also he was saying how using a broom will get dust everywhere and even on your hair I'M- how does this man use a broom I need to know.

I was pissed, a month's salary spent on a bulky, inconvenient, unnecessary, overpriced vacuum cleaner. I asked my mum if she even tried to research on this brand first before making the purchase but she was outraged at me challenging her. It's alright then, I went to research on this company instead because I was convinced this is a 'scam'. Years ago, they were distributing this product made by ProAir with the brand Delphin, currently, it's Dolphin, and their various, multiple websites have poor interfaces and a poor grasp on the English language, which makes it shady enough for me. It's even more suspicious when I see multiple listings of the same $3k vacuum cleaner being sold second-hand on Carousell, the cheapest going for $300, doesn't that make you question why they're selling such an expensive product at such a cheap price? Even if they've used it for a few years, I don't think it's very Singaporean to sell a product at a 100 times cheaper price right. And honestly, a quick search on google is enough to tell me that this is an unreliable, unworthy vacuum cleaner. Reviews from literally 10 years ago are still relevant to describe how lacking and 'scammy' this product and company is. There were many reviews about how the after-sales service is terrible, and some even flake on the cleaning appointments that the consumer has already paid for.

I used the vacuum cleaner today, I've used a Dyson before as well (my aunt's one), so I guess I'm allowed to provide my review on them both right.
This $3000+ machine is heavy, bulky, inconvenient, makes you break a sweat and is not simple and easy to use at all. I'm surprised at how the salespeople have been able to make this dinosaur look so attractive to consumers. But I have to say, it does do its job, not very well, but the vacuum does what it says.
The $899 Dyson that my aunt bought is much easier to use and looks pretty because of its colours. It's wireless so you can go around the house without lugging a dinosaur behind you, no wires to get tangled as well. The cleaning of its filter box is where it falls short since it doesn't use water like the $3k vacuum (dust flies around and all that, definitely gets onto your hair as well).

All in all, if your parent or if you want to buy this product, I'm glad you at least came to this forum first and tried to look at the reviews, because it's something my mum didn't do before she impulsively agreed to purchase it and signed the order form. Please don't buy this product, a big part of your money goes to maintaining this scammy company, and money is hard to earn these days. Buy a vacuum from another brand instead, do your research and see what fits you best. This $3700 vacuum might do its job, but it just isn't worth the price. You can save this huge amount of money and spend it on something else that you like. Next time these salespeople approach you, remember the saying you guys always tell us, that there is nothing given free in this world, there's always a catch. 这世上真的没有免费的东西,如果有的话很有可能是个骗局,请查清楚先 tolong tolong。Even though there is a product provided, that doesn't mean that this business tactic and over-pricing of the product is not considered along the lines of a scam. <3
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It is a really expensive thing, if to be honest, I think it is an overpriced product. I usually prefer using special services which for cleaning, for me, it's cheaper and effective. 2 years ago, I had water stains on ceiling fabric and I didn't know what to do, I used the Internet in order to find a solution and I decided to use service from here, they provide quality rug cleaning services. Now, it looks as if it was brand new, so you can try to clean your carpets or ceilings like that, if you can't afford to buy expensive things.
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