Dr Lubna Harharah @ Parkway East Hospital


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Hi Mummy's and Mummy's to be!!! As you all know I have had great experience with my past pregnancies with Dr. Lubna Harharah. I just wanted to share some news that I currently just found out!! If you have been looking for Dr. Lubna she is still in Parkway East Hospital. I was looking for her after missing my yearly PAP SMEAR :wong9:. She came be found via website which has all the contact information available. ( drlubna.sg ). I could only make an appointment in May however because she is currently on ML :shyxxx:. So happy for her. She really is an inspiration. Any questions please feel free to ask. I have so many post about her. But more then happy to answer again.


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Hi Sarah!

Would like to know how Dr Lubna is handling post natal and gynaecology care? I just had a miscarriage in may at 22 weeks and have a very bad and traumatic experience at KKH :( I would like to switch to private. What are the prices consultations like and pregnancy packages too as me and husband ttc. TYIA!