Dr. Natalie Chua Review?


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Hi mommies!
Anyone have any reviews about Dr. Natalie Chua from Parkway east?
I've read some reviews that she's expensive while others say she's affordable for private.
Am a first time mommy, some feedback would be great!
Much love


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Hello mummies! Would like to find out more about Dr. Natalie Chua's pricing too.
Any mummies care to share? :)

Tiffany K

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Not the best in gynae but charge more than the other more experienced gynae. I visited many other gynaes who are more senior and with better knowledge than Natalie but charge lower consultation rate than her. Hence I feel her fee is unreasonable for her level. Now she even charge $30 for writting doctor's memo that required for insurance claim. I think she is not experience enough and have limited knowledge on gynae. So not recommended and will never go back to her.