Eczema During pregnancy


Hi ladies! I hope this thread is still active. I m suffering bad eczema all across my tummy. Just like ellyeun :(
went skin centre n doc gave topical steroid :( anyone applied n baby is ok? I m worried sick but I have a history of eczema n I m having a boy n it's my first pregnancy.
Making me super depressed. It's all over my tummy n my thighs n my hands now n even spread to my face :(
i thought was heat rash but doc said its eczema :(
anyone can advice? Thanks


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i had very itchy palms last yr, went to c doc n realised its eczema... now i'm 24 weeks pregnant, eczema is back again... tried applyin neoderm at nights only, since i was unsure of its effects on babies... eczema subsided for a couple of days before resuming... in the end, i chg my soap to Cetaphil soap bar... So far, my itch has subsided even without applyin any cream... rashes r still thr, but at least it's not itchy...


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Hi, i think the problem is in the food you're eating. Try some diet like one week without eggs and some fry food, sauce, like try to eat more fruits and vegetables, fish and not to stress. Maybe it will help you.


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I am using topical creams + started using Cetaphil products after I read in DoctorxDentist website that soap-free cleansers and moisturisers helps. It has been 3 weeks and my rashes are getting better