EDD soon- What to expect?

Hi mummies, any one delivering soon?

If you intend to breastfeed (highly recommend you do!) but not sure what to expect, then you must attend Wong Boh Boi's seminar on easy steps to breastfeeding and how to solve common breastfeeding problems. Wong Boh Boi is a famous lactation consultant from Thomson Medical Centre that almost every mothers would know and is known for her expertise in preparing mummies for parenthood. Other must-know topics will also be covered e.g. stop a fussy baby with baby wearing method, mummies health etc.

$50 Goodie bag will also be given out and if you quote FBFAN (by today), you can get 10% discount. Tickets are only selling at $15/couple and $10/single before discount.

Strongly encourage you to sign up! See more: http://evnk.co/supermomtobe