English Literature Graduating Student Offering Tuition


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Dear Parents,
I am currently a NUS English literature graduating major. Graduating in 3 months' time, i will be pursuing my Masters at NUS as well in August. I have been tutoring for 4 years, tutoring mainly students from Secondary and Junior College in English, Combined Humanities, Literature and Chinese. I have a minor in Chinese Studies.
I have tutored about 25-30 students, across the span of these two years. Some examples of their improvement will include a female Secondary 4 student who jumped from B4 to A1 in English Literature, and her Brother who I am teaching now, who jumped two grades to a B4 and has become substantially sharp in his analysis. According to the management at tuition Centres I taught at, all my upper secondary students get at least a B3 for their O levels in English.
§ TEACHING STYLE I am typically described as a highly energetic and motivated tutor who will source for useful teaching materials and making sure the student genuinely think in class, instead of being spoon feed. Admittedly not being professionally trained by the government,, I still consider myself a serious and goal orientated tutor. I am the kind who stay up to write notes and to nag at students to do work. I personally believe education should not simply be about attaining As though that is definitely crucial, but also about looking at the world via different lens, which is what literature can do. It is also about training critical and independent thinking and encouraging the student to find his or her own voice.
§ MATERIALS I have collected quite a sizeable amount of assessment books, notes and resources in order to help the student to understand the subject better. I can also recommend assessment books that are useful.
§ LESSON PLAN In class, I try to do more of thought motivating and transmission of knowledge, instead of simply letting the students practice. Though sometimes I would write the essays with the student and correct his or her phrasing and their structure of thoughts. For example, it is not simply just going through the poem or the essay points but also seeing how they write it out, which tends to be awkward in expression and contain logical fallacies. I also share and discuss with students current affairs knowledge so as to expand their worldview.
§ As of now I can start after the work frenzy at school is over, which is ending at about the third week of April and I really appreciate the time and leeway some parents allowed with regards to this. I would be commencing studies in August 2016 if everything works out and I will still be teaching when school starts.
§ My free slots as now, are usually weekdays nights and I can be much more flexible come the school holidays.
Rates normally range from 35/hr onwards. The highest I charge for a secondary student is 40-45/hr. Feel free to contact me at ​81114250.