ENGLISH TUITION for Pri 3 to Sec 4


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Dear parents,

I am Mrs Janice Chung, founder of Mckaylan Tutorial Centre in Bishan. In my 16 years of teaching English, I have taught at least 2000 pupils, from many schools like Catholic High, Anglican High, Nan Chiau High, Xin Min Sec, Ang Mo Kio Sec, Hougang Sec, Anderson Sec and even pupils living in Woodlands and Pasir Ris. I used be a English teacher in a Secondary school for many years before I set up my own centre to focus on my passion which is teaching.

I realise many pupils are weak in English because they don't read as much nowadays and thus they have limited vocabulary. Thus, I have developed a comprehensive programme which includes a vocabulary list of 10 words every week. I play games with my pupils to help them remember and use the words in their writing and comprehension. I also focus on skill mastery so I explicitly teach comprehension and writing skills. Many of my pupils don't know these skills as most school teachers 'test' rather than teach the pupils how to answer the questions. Simply giving the pupils the comprehension exercise without activating their prior knowledge or teaching them the techniques to answer the questions will not help them improve their comprehension skills.

Many of my pupils have learnt so many new words in my lessons, enabling them to write better and comprehend passages. I have taught many of them since they were in Pri school till they sat for their O-Level exam. You can read the testimonials that my pupils have written about my lessons by clicking on the link below. I have limited number of classes and some of them are full. If you want your child to love English, have a wide vocabulary and possess the skills to write and comprehend well, you can contact me at 98214603 or visit my website. http://www.Mckaylan.com for more information.

Have a great day!