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Just to check if anyone has recently tried this famous Amy's xiu mei recently? And for all the good reviewers, anyone has a photo to show? Are her skills really that good that its' very natural?

I did before at Jean Yip many yrs ago, was very fake, din like it at all.



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I did mine recently at BioBeauty(Toa Payoh). The place was pretty convenient. if you consider going there look for Irene Teo, she did my eyebrows:D she was very friendly and her work is just amazing! they have a wide range of choices for us to choose from. ex: the Korean 3D Eyebrow Colouring which they say its painless(who knows:O?) which cost $480/$680. But i went for the cheaper package the 2D/3D Natural Embroidery Creative which cost $180-$380.

Maybe you girls can check it out at Bio Beauty

The reason why i went there because i heard people like Ah Boys To Men Qiu Qiu and others like :Celeste and Nicole Chen did their eyebrows by Irene. you can check them out at Sgsisters:Dancing_wub:


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I did my eyebrow embroidery at The Best Beauty Centre at Toa Payoh. I was a little afraid at first, but the beautician was very patient and explained everything to me before we started. They used this cream that made my eyebrow become numb during the procedure, so I didn't feel a thing! If you are afraid that it will hurt, you can request them to put a little more of the cream to help make sure that its completely numb. I'm really happy with the results too. You can go check it out and ask them questions about the procedure before you commit to anything. I think they would be the best people to ask.


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Just recently I got my eyebrow embroidery done at The Prestige. Jacqueline did it for me, she was very patient with all my never ending questions :tlaugh: I keep asking her whether it will hurt, will it suit my face shape, need to touchup or not, if infection how etc and she answered all my questions properly. After it finish (really painless sia!!) she still gave me tips on how to maintain, take care etc. Best service man!
So happy that I went to sign up for their VIP memberships :tlaugh: $$ fly but satisfied lah, unlimited sessions for any services sia. Thinking of going down to do eyelash extensions next month


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I did my research prior to deciding on The Beauty Centre because other Beauty parlors are charging around way more expensive and horrible result for eyebrow embroidery. Indeed, no regret for selecting The Best Beauty Centre as my choice. If you don’t want to spend a bomb outside and would like to try out eyebrow embroidery, do call them if you would like to find out more.


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Needless to say, eyebrows are one of the features I dread drawing on a daily basis. I go for eyebrow threading regularly to keep my brows in shape. Although I am blessed with a set of natural thick brows, but despite that, it still appears sparse-looking on pictures. I had given a shot to try the World's 1st pioneer 3D Eyebrow Embroidery at The Best Beauty Centre!


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judy who is very friendly and caring from Far East Plaza! She’s also fantastic at her craft. You can ask for her when you go do your eyebrow embroidery/eyeliner tattoo at The Best Beauty Centre:)


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I walked in TBBC for their eyebrow embroidery and the beautician began to draw my brows according to how I requested and how she thinks is suitable for my face shape. This step will determine the actual shape of the brows to be embroidered, so you must be sure you are happy with the shape before you do the actual embroidery. I love my new brows


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Quick share!! The best beauty center is having a 50% off on second services. Terms n condition applies. Would like to share because they are really good!


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Yes, I am tried before and totally in love with it. The salon that I always go is The Best Beauty Centre. For those who had yet to try out, pls do so!! Eyebrow embroidery is so important for us ladies.


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I cannot agree more, not much time for ourselves looking after 2 young boys....done my eyebrow embriodery and it was history after that....no more drawings of brow every morning :)
I did mine at instagarm : asiatique.beaute ....a home based beautician in toa payoh, great skill and price...well worth it. Or u can call her 96942615


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I prefer shop than home based beauty salon. Cos anything happened we can still go down and settle it. As for myself I went to the best beauty centre because they are the Pioneer batch for doing eyebrow embroidery and they are just opposite my house. Haha

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India Artist Parvatill Nair just done her 6D mist eyebrow at The best beauty centre! hurry show your likes & share and get free eyebrow shaping with design at their Facebook or Instagram to enjoy this promotion!


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We can save some time off drawing in your eyebrows in your morning routine.

I done my 3D Eyebrow Embroidery at only S$188 with 3 Months Free Touch Up. My eyebrow embroidery save me a lot of time and regain me a lot of confidence.

The Best Beauty Centre staff are very friendly and professional.

Very high standard with clean and cosy environment. Highly recommended and you may Contact them @+65 9026 8183


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Wow! Look out for The Best Beauty Centre Facebook Page now they got 3D Creative Eyebrow promotion, only S$188 ($380) and with free one touch up! Very high standard with clean and cosy environment. Highly recommended. If you interested may WhatsApp them @ +65 9026 8183

They are Singapore Award Winning Brand THE BEST BEAUTY CENTRE and more 20 years anniversary!!
✅Eyelash Lifting Perming
✅Partial Hair Removal Opt
✅ Eyebrow /Upper Lip/Armpit
✅Eye Bojin Detox Treatment
✅Eyebrow Trimming