Fish and Chinese Spinach Porridge


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japanese recommend using chicken fillet. i wonder wats the difference between fillet n breast? so far i always buy fillet.


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Hi snowbear,

So which chicken parts should i buy to mince the chicken?? btw where to buy Sakura minced chicken?? :001_302:
Realised that i forgot to reply the second question... you can get Sakura minced chicken at some ntuc outlets... :001_302:
Prepare a portion of plain rice porridge.
While the porridge is cooking, prepare the fish and vegetables.
Wash and pat dry the fish fillet thoroughly and slice the fish finely.
Clean, wash and drain the Chinese spinach. Chop vegetables finely.
When the plain porridge is ready, add the chopped spinach and leave to cook for 5 mins.
Now stir in the fish fillet and leave to cook for another 2 mins. Stir the porridge well so that the fish is broken up.
Cool the porridge till it is lukewarm and feed the baby an amount suitable to the child's age and appetite.

So for the fish, do you buy from those market or from NTUC? coz i dun have time to go market, but i heard from some that fish in NTUC arent that fresh, can i still use those??


Hi Fisherman's friend,

Unfresh fish is gonna smell quite strongly so if your kid doesn't mind, it should be ok. But I really dislike unfresh fish one for the smell and two it flakes too easily. Maybe you can try cold storage? Their fish is slightly better. Some NTUCs also have wet market style fish counters. If you walk past those counters and there is no fishy smell, the fish is pretty fresh. You can also buy fish from those counters.

I try to go to the market on weekends and buy 1 week worth of fish from there and freeze it in portions.


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Do you have anyone who can help you? I am not gd at choosing fish and I rely on my dad to buy for me fr his regular fishmonger in the market. Previously, my gal complained a few times that the fish I buy smelt funny and don't taste as nice as the ones grandpa bought.

japanese recommend using chicken fillet. i wonder wats the difference between fillet n breast? so far i always buy fillet.
I just did a google on this.. apparently chicken fillets come from chicken breasts. Maybe cos it's not as thick, fillets don't taste as dry as the whole breasts.


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I agree with using the knife, more specifically, the chopper. It is waaay easier to clean than using a blender.


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is this suitable for 7M baby who has not been intro to porridge yet?

BTW what veg can intro to 7M old? Have intro pureed carrot, peas, sweet potato, pumpkin. Not corn as baby seem a bit allergic to it on 1st try.
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I've gave dear son porridge with spinach when he's about six months' old. Sometimes I do use cauliflower and broccoli besides carrot, pumpkin and sweet potato.

If you are worried about food allergy, follow the 4 days' waiting rule so that you will know which veg. is the cause of it.