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Thㄍ app I am going to recommend here is - "Bravofly". For people loving traveling, you must hear Sky Scanner, where you can search for flight. Bravofly provides the similar service, on both mobile and webpage. I compare these two website, personally I prefer Sky Scanner's layout and colors more than Bravofly. Also, Sky Scanner provides multi-language version, which is more convenient for non-English speakers. Both website provides multi-currency service, which is super convenient for users to compare the flight price as they wish.

Website is not the main point for this blog! Let's go back to the Bravofly itself. Personally I think the app layout and color is better than the website. The color is bright and vivid, pretty much matched the image of "traveling." Website looks bored and make me think of school report. The app is pretty user-friendly. Even for people who doesn't really understand English is still very easy to use.


By setting destination, date and "One Way" or "Round", you can easily find ideal flight. Below you can also choose the currency you prefer. (Function here is pretty similar as website. For people who used flight search website before it is definitely easy to start using this app!)

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This is the flight search result automatically sorted by price, in total 270 different flights. You can click the icon in the upper-right corner to resort the result, by Price, Destination, or Arrival Time. (Price is the most important thing for me while using this app lol)


You will get more details after choosing specific flight, including transfer and terminal. I like the color here a lot and strongly suggest that Bravofly should change their design for website lol.

You can also book your tickets directly via the app. Function here is pretty much the same as its website. You can pay extra "Flex Fee", buy extra luggage, or make a van reservation with discount.

Personally, I seldom book ticket directly via such flight-search website. With the experiences working in tourist agency, I strongly recommend that after searching on the website or app, you should go check the price on official website to see whether they have some special sales. Or you can also try to contact a tourist agency, sometimes they have better offer for you. (For people who wants to accumulate miles, you need to check those SUPER-CHEAP tickets from agency. You might not be able to accumulate your miles by using them.)

In general, I am pretty satisfied with the app. It's pretty easy to use and the search functions works well. I compare the result from Bravofly and Sky Scanner. It is pretty much the same.

  • Helpful: ★★★★✰
  • User-friendliness: ★★★★★
  • Layout: ★★★★
  • Satification: ★★★★✰