Ginger shampoo for hair loss Dandruff!finally!

Anna Asher

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All mummies experience the same,whether lose more or lesser..:( I also searched super long for a good one. Finally found it,even my 2 year old son using. He was using Original sprouts but I find it too drying for his hair and skin.Now all my mummies friends and my whole family using products from this brand only.
Highly recommended......


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Hi i am currently using this ginger shampoo and personally it really helps me alot in my itchy oily plus dandruff and dry end issues.
Feel free to pm me details.

Shannon Yeo

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Hair drop is normal de. The hair that dropped was actually the dead hair that was stuck earlier on the silicone oil on our hair scalp. Silicone is one of the major reason for hairfall. When stucked, it blocks our hair scalp, causing hair not able to absorb nutrients, therefore hair dies and drop. Just like plant, wither and dies.

Me myself used to drop a lot of hair too.. dry and frizzy.. 1 of the reason is also becoz I colour my hair and rebonding many times.. but once I start this ginger shampoo, omg!! Not only my hair drop lessen, my hair also become so soft and smooth. My hair regrowth too.. I am so happy that this small little bottle help me cleared all my worries and I’m very appreciated..

Good things must share!! PM me if u r interested to find out more.. :) wash ur hair is like doing treatment on your hair..