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Hello all mummies out there!!

I am Gloria! I would like to share with all mummies especially those of you who are staying in Punggol/Sengkang area! I am opening up my Home for Nanny Care to babies 3 months - 18 months!

Let me share a little bit of myself! Firstly, My passion is working with Children!

I have been working in the childcare industry since I was 17 years old, which means I have roughly about 10 years of experience with children aged 3 months - 6 years old.

My qualifications are:
- Diploma in Early Childhood Education from Temasek Polytechnic
- Double Major Psychology Bachelor Degree From The University of Western Australia
- Masters In Professional Counselling from Swineburne University (currently pursuing)

Currently, I am also doing home interventions for parents who are having problems with parenting and constantly thinking and questioning what they have done right/wrong, and why their children are behaving in this or that manner. My interventions have made parenting simple and fun for families! If you have any questions or feeling lost while parenting, JUST DROP ME AN EMAIL. I will be glad to assist! My interventions are usually carried out in the evening, so dont worry, it will most definitely not affect the time with my Homely Infants!

Anyway back to my Homely Infant Care, Question? Why did I suddenly decide to venture into Infant care? First of all, I LOVE BABIESSSSS. YES I DO! I love their smell, watching they grow, spending time with them! Yes! this is how much I love children!

Secondly, I know the busy schedule of parents nowadays in Singapore. It is very stressful to manage going back to work and a new born baby, esp when the demand of Infant care is high but there is always a long waiting list. I have come to take the pressure off your shoulders mummies!

Lastly, I recently moved to Punggol and I have some spare rooms that I can use to create the best Infant Care for babies!

So YES! it is happening!! I will be taking in only 5 infants for a start, Dont worry, I am not alone, my assistant will be there to help me so the ratio will always be 2:5 infant.

For more enquires, do drop me an email at parentingmadesimple101@gmail.com.
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