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Hello! I'm offering a homework completion service for all levels from primary to tertiary level (JC/Poly/ITE), take note that not only will I help you to complete your homework, I offer full solutions with explanations. If you have a question that you cannot solve and require immediate assistance, I am here to help you. Depending on the number of questions you have and level of difficulty, I will charge at different rates from as low as $0.50 to $5. However if you simply needed a conceptual clarification, just drop me a message with your doubts and I'll answer you for free.

*Who am I?*
I am a part time tutor with more than 10 years of experience teaching students from Singapore. 95% of my students have achieved at least a three point grade jump (From B4 to A1) in just 2 months. Currently, I am an MBA student from NUS and have graduated from my bachelor studies with a double degree in Business Administration and Life Science.

*What can you ask me?*
English, General Paper, Mathematics, Biology, Physics, Chemistry and Business Studies. I will answer any homework queries or conceptual misunderstandings you may have. However if you require one-one tuition, you can contact me as well. I offer private one-one tuition and I currently have 8 students under my wing.

*Why am I doing this?*
Having been a tutor for the past 10 over years, I feel that one-to-one tuition is not as effective in answering the queries a student may have. For instance, if you are unable to get the right solution, you won't want to wait for the next tuition session to ask that question right? With an online tutor you can get help 24/7, whether it’s at 10 PM after an away game or 6 AM the morning of your test. As a student, the immediacy of acquiring the right solution is imperative to learning well. Thus, give this a shot and drop me a message with any questions you may have!

*How can I be sure that the answers I provide are absolutely right?*
My 10 over years of experience as a tutor have exposed me to a plethora of questions that are normally asked in examinations. Should there be a question that I failed to answer correctly, there will be a 100% refund of any fee paid. Additionally, if there is a question I am unsure of, I will not attempt to answer it as I will only solve questions I am absolutely sure of.

Contact me via: 93865660