Honeywell Air Purifier 18450


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please sms to 83239955 as my wife find it too big bought $859 5 year warrently, items in only bought this week.

selling SGD$700 neg


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Hm, I think nobody won't buy any device from such ad. So, if you are searching about air purifier I suggest you to look for an ozone generator because, removing odors is the thing that ozone generators do best. But it very important to read the instructions and about the dangerous of ozone before starting use it. When I took the decision about purchase of ozone generator I found a platform Damage Control 911 where I have read about all danger of ozone. I even found the complete guide to using ozone generators safely. Ozone is great for killing odors. If I did it regularly I would make sure the house is unoccupied during, and open windows after.
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I tried to use an ozone generator, and it's not that good. It's not cheap, and you can't use it while somebody is in the room. Somehow I was living without it, so I don't see much need.