How did u get to know about mummysg??

How do you get to know about MummySg??

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I just join the forum and I'am starting to enjoyed it. My friend told me about this forum that can help me about motherhood and parenting. :)


New Member
Friend of mine told me about this forum..

Credit to my friend who's a long time member here !



New Member

A friend told me about this forum and she say's that i will be able to enjoy here because it will
helps me a lot in being a mother.
She assures me that i will be able to meet lot of friends here..

Credits to my friend that has been a long time member here . thank yoooouu..

welcome to all new memeber here.. :)


New member in mummysh here..
Hope to make new friends and share experiences here :)

My friend told me about this forum. :)


New Member
Hello, a friend told me about this forum that's why i joined.
At first I hesitated to join because I'am afraid that i will just read non-sense topic here
But She keep on asking me join just for me to get to know all about parenting and motherhood.
Then I decided to make my account, then i was very surprised.
Because i read all about my needs here, can also find something that i need that is connected from being a mother.

Now I'm hoping to meet new friends and learn a lot from all of you mummies here.
I will also try to share my experiences here as what you do !

CHEERS! and credit to my friend who told me about this forum!

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Online! This forum is in the top 10! I'm very new and here let me introduce myself! (I love exclamation marks...can you tell? haha.)

Hey everyone!

I'm a children's story book writer, well, before that I was a writer for articles and I ghostwrite for screenplays as well. I live in San Diego, U.S. but I was born in sunny Singapore and boy do I miss the food!! (exclamation marks again! and again! etc...) *sighz*

I have a 4-year-old son and another big baby as my husband.

I miss Singapore so bad! However, the 14 hour flight or was it 18, I'm not sure, the flight hours though, I do not like. Plus, recently, there has been many airplane crashes. I believe I've developed a phobia...of flying.

Oh! My very first children's book was published just today on Amazon, which I am extremely excited about! It's called "Tobias and His Magical Thumb". It teaches children about empathy. Anywayz, check it out and let me know what you think.

Here's the link -



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Actually I am not sure why I am here, I don't wish to talk to people which is in the same situation as me because my mind told me I don't belong there. May be I am here to seek support for not bringing this little imperfect life to this world before the operation. May be to convince myself what my pil and hubby suggestion is correct. The pain and guilt of abortion is temporary and invisible but the having the kid is a lifetime reminder of shame for the family and suffering for the kid. I am not ready for such responsibilty. I know I am selfish and probably not fit to be a mother.
I found out about mummysg when I was searching for parenting forums. This forum is very helpful for pregnancy and motherhood needs. Glad to be a member here.