How do you manage to keep your hair dandruff free?

As a child I have seen my cousin with dandruff in her hair that usually peek out of her pony tailed hair. Now that we are already adult, she still has it. I want to help her. Do you know any remedy for dandruff? Dandruff shampoo solve her problem for a day or two, and dandruff will come back again after that. She never had dandruff free hair.


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I also got dandruff, tried Phyto before, salon also recommended some anti-dandruff shampoos but my dandruff always came back after a month+
I almost gave up on my hair already, then my friend recommended me to try Sara Shantelle Head CPR Hair, been using it for 3months+ already, my dandruff never come back!! You should try this, really works


You can find a natural and organic dandruff free shampoo in the organic shop. This is little bit pricey but worth it, it has not contained harmful chemicals and safe to use. You can also treat your hair by using apple cider vinegar and mint to reduce the itchiness of the scalp. Mint leaves have its cooling effect.


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I have dandruff occasionally too. I don't know why it keeps coming back to me for some reason :realmad: but recently I used Bc bonacure (which i heard is under schwarzkopf?) dandruff control shampoo and it seems to have gotten rid of those after 2-3 washes. Its quite cheap too, I got mine at for about $20.


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I have dandruff problem too, sometimes the annoying dry and itchy feeling than occasional flaking. :embarrassed: But after using Mettler Anti-Dandruff shampoo it helps control gotten rid of my dandruff problem just after 2-3 washes. Its specially formulated Witch hazel in combination with the anti-dandruff complex work effectively to fight against dandruff and restore comfort and health to my scalp.

I got mine on Qoo10 now promo at $29.90 only: Qoo10 - Metter Haircare Line and Treatments Products : Hair Care
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I have dandruff since young and have tried several shampoos personally. There is one that i like very much and would love to share with u if u pm me. Kudos!!:Dancing_wub: