How to increase more breast milk ?

hello, everyone, I'm Esther Ong from Woodlands.

how to increase more breast milk, I don't have not much breast milk to feed my new born
3 months +++ old baby boy.
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Hi Esther,

I don't have a lot of BM initially but I actually did all these and now I have a freezer full of BM! Hope this will help you!
For those items that I bought in herb, I've also included the link. If you are keen in getting it, you might wanna use this discount code:VWZ661

- fenugreek tablets 3x a day (3 tablets each time)
Nature's Way, Fenugreek Seed, 610 mg, 180 Capsules -

- brewer's yeast tablets 3x a day (3 tablets each time)
Now Foods, Brewer's Yeast, 650 mg, 200 Tablets -

- coconut oil (I add 1 tablespoon to my milo in the morning and night)
Now Foods, Organic, Virgin Coconut Oil, 12 fl oz (355 ml) -

- raspberry leaf tea (Love this drink as it helps when my supply dips during menses)
Traditional Medicinals, Herbal Tea, Organic Raspberry Leaf, Caffeine Free, 16 Wrapped Tea Bags, .85 oz (24 g) -

Good luck! :)


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Hi, i am a breastfeeding mom to my 21mth old and had some problems getting more supply by baby 6 months. We do need a booster when baby needs more milk.
Initially i took fenugreek and domperidone but these pills cannot be taken for long especially domperidone. I find lactation cookies, barley water, red dates tea and lots of fluids helps with the supply during breastfeeding. I am recently baking lactation cookies myself and offer them for sale and delivery..If you are interested, please take a look at my gumtree ad at Gumtree | Lactation Cookies - Guaranteed increased breastmilk - Other Baby & Children Items and email me at for tips on breastfeeding, pumping and orders for lactation cookies. Enjoy the bonding:)


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Hi Ester...
My milk supply for e 2nd one is much lower than e first, I dont know why either. I am one very supportive of Breastmilk ... I feel sad and try to find ways to increase the supply.
1. I heard from mummies that chia seeds will help, I ordered 5 packs in from q10, but not effective to me.
2. I heard from mummies that oat cookies will help, I finished 4 tubs of cookies, but not effective to me.
3. I drank a lot of papaya fish soup, results on and off
4. I took fenugreek, have little help but I heard can't take too much. So I stopped.
5. Now I was recommended by friend that Mrs Khoo's traditional chinese medicine herbs helps, I just finished e 7th packs herbs, I can feel the engorgement, but I dont know how long it will last.
6. Good luck to you and all breastfeeding mum ... I am struggling to increase too .
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Hi mummies, my pregnant friends are taking multivits, fish oil and calcium to replenish the nutrients in their body and increase their milk supply. Recently, I got to know that President Obama also takes the same brand for health. PM me if you would like to find out more. Take care and see ya! :)


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Drink enough water and eat a lot too. Some mummies are scared to eat a lot especially during the confinement period because worried about not being able to gain back their pre-pregnancy figure, but it's important to have good meals to produce BM..and BF will help mummies lose weight :) Drinking soya milk helps to increase BM and thicken it too if your BM is too thin