how to prepare for ivf with donor eggs


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Hello girls! Thanks to your comments I'm starting to change my attitude to the procedure. Now I feel more positive. I stopped thinking about relation with a baby from donor. Now I feel like I can move further. It's all thanks to you! I have some questions to you about the procedure. How you prepare to ivf with donor eggs? Is it the same as preparation to ivf with own eggs? How long it takes to prepare? I hope you'll share your experience! And also it would be great if you tell more about how you find donor, where did you have de ivf, how much you paid, etc. Let's have some chat!


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First of all you should pay attention to your lifestyle. Take folic acid every day for at least 3 months before getting pregnant. This lowers the risk of some birth defects of the brain and spine of your child. Taking a pre-natal vitamin with folic acid is the best and easiest way to be sure you’re getting enough. You should stop smoking and drinking alcohol. Stay away from second-hand smoke as well after you become pregnant. You should eat healthy. Everything that goes into your body can nourish your uterine environment—and can boost your embryo implantation success. Avoid eating fish that are high in mercury, like swordfish and mackerel. Consider limiting caffeine intake.

Speaking about the procedure itself. As you know I'm also in search and I'm new to this whole de ivf thing. But I read lots of info lately. So I'd like to share with you what I know. Your treatment cycle and the donation cycle of your donor must be carefully synchronized, so that your uterus is prepared and ready to accept the embryo created using your donor’s eggs and your partner’s sperm. To do this, your doctor may first need to ‘switch off’ your usual monthly period and ovulation cycle. This is referred to as ‘down regulation,’ and is achieved using a combination of the contraceptive pill and hormonal medications. At the same time, your egg donor begins her own cycle of treatment, firstly undergoing ovarian stimulation, followed by egg collection and fertilization. As you are using donor eggs and not your own eggs, there is no ovarian stimulation needed for your IVF cycle. Instead the main thing is to ensure your uterus is ready to accept the embryo. This is achieved through drugs protocol unique to you, which encourages your uterus to grow its lining ready for the embryo to implant. You’ll undergo an ultrasound scan, where doctor measures the thickness of the lining to ensure it’s at the optimum level for implantation. You will be given detailed instructions of any continuing medications you need to take post embryo transfer, to ensure your body is hormonally supported throughout this crucial early stage as the embryo implants and grows.
hi girls. can i ask where did you get the donor eggs from? which clinics are reputable for this and what are the cost involved? i have no egg reserve left and hence i failed ivf. was advised to consider using donor eggs but i don’t know where to start. local seems impossible. overseas- don’t know which clinics are good and reputable. please advise me! thank you in advance


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Hi I'm currently 12 days post FET. Now experiencing itchiness from back to buttock. Is it allergy using crinone? Anyone had experience this before?


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I think you are very wise to think ahead! Because the carrying mom needs a strong uterus and overall physique, to prepare I took and am taking prenatal vitamins and eating mostly whole foods. I’m also more careful with my sugar intake. I just cut back on sugar, and actually didn't miss it much as I was doing it for baby. Try to get at least 8 hours sleep, drink water, and walk for exercise, basically a pregnancy diet. The iron is especially important for the uterus and your increased blood production during pregnancy. The IVF clinic will make sure you have all you need as they will also watch your cycle to be sure to put in embryos at the proper time. I wish you best of luck with your upcoming procedure! The shots and pills before your transfer are really not that bad, you just have to keep in mind what for you are doing it. Enjoy every bit of your journey. And know baby is all yours! No one will know it’s a donor egg if you don't tell, so just go for it.


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IVF with a donor egg involves fertilizing the donor's egg and then transferring the resulting embryo into the recipient woman's uterus (mother-to-be). The sperm of the husband or male donor can be used for fertilization. The main advantage of IVF with a donor egg is that a woman's age is irrelevant for successful conception. Suppose a woman is physically healthy and has a healthy uterus. In that case, the percentage of successful pregnancies resulting from this protocol is very high. I recommend contacting the agency You can choose a donor with physical and mental characteristics corresponding to their own.