Hungry all the time !!!


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Currently, I jus entered 2nd trimester.
This is alrdy my #2, bt it's totally diff from #1.

I felt so fatigue all day ~
No matter how much I slp, it doesnt help.
I jus want to slp ~

Not only that.. Im hungry all the time too!
I nd to eat almost every 2 hrs.
But stimes very 夸张 (kua zhang)..
For eg. I just finished a bowl of rice with my hubby..
atr 15min, I felt hungry agn!!! >.<

I dont have much morning sickness.
Just stimes will vomit when smell those unpleasant tings.
When I vomit, I was like want to vomit out my organs like this.
After vomiting, I'll felt a cramp like feeling ard my tummy.

Dont noe what's going on..
But I'll be seeing the doc on early June.
At the mean time, can anybody advice? T.T


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Same, i eat alot throughout my preg. i gain a total of 20kg in 9 months! But i totally dont feel nausea when im preg.


Same, i eat alot throughout my preg. i gain a total of 20kg in 9 months! But i totally dont feel nausea when im preg.
Haha... Im totally same with you! Dun feel nausea at all.. Now im just in the beginning of 2nd trimester already gain 6kg! OMG!


I had a friend who had morning sickness well into the 5mth of her pregnancy.

If you can try to prevent the nausea by eating sweets, you could give it a shot.

I usually buy those mini buns to put at my office desk. I would eat them when I feel hungry.
Haas! I felt the same in my first trimester... 2 hours hungry once. but when i reaches my 17 weeks like tt... better.... now 26 weeks... my hunger came back again... I think different pregnancy varies... =) Suggest you buy those soy milk drink(Sugar or No sugar) Keep ur tummy full, nutritious also, mayb can control ur weight from gaining too much=)


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Sigh I'm eating every hour as well. Crackers / fruits / chips are always on hand. Gained 2.5kg at 14w5d.
Heh.. i think eating well is a good sign that the baby is developing well! Just make sure that your diet is well balanced (i.e. fruits and vege, fish but do take note of those prohibited foods) and take your pre natal vitamins.

I was kinda worried as i was puking everyday (almost twice a day) during my first trimester! And it didnt help when i didn't seem to gain any weight (was worried that my bb wasn't developing well) and i was forcing myself to eat..

Now, i'm in my second trimester and i eat like a non-vegetrian cow every 3-4hrs! :shyxxx:

No 2 pregancy is the same... so hang in there ya? The nausea will get better as you move into mid of the second trimester. :)