I am a Science tutor! Please find inside my qualifications and achievements here

Hi, my name is Tony. i have been a Science tutor teaching secondary school physics and chemistry (including IP syllabus) for 7-8years. My forte is in upper secondary sciences and i can confidently say that i know the entire physics and chemistry textbook at the back of my hand. You could test me on the spot with any set of school prelim paper and i would be able to complete it convincingly within 1/2 of the stipulated time given. Below are some information about me. I am someone,Who has 7 years of active coaching for students preparing for the GCE O-Level Examination
Who is familiar with the current school syllabus and has access to various school past year exam papers to help students in their course of study
who is knowledgeable in Secondary School Mathematics and Science to help the student build up the essential problem solving skills
Who is able to simplify complicated Scientific and Mathematical concepts, relating them to students in an interesting and comprehensible way
Who believes in hard work and is willing to struggle with students to achieve targeted results
Who enjoys helping students find the cue to studying so education would seems less dreadful
Who has been through the same process and gotten straight As and above for all PSLE subjects, A1 for O-Level E-Maths, A-Maths, Pure Biology, Pure Physics, Pure Chemistry and As for A-Level H2 equivalent Mathematics, Physics and Biology
Currently i am teaching 7 students and i still have empty slots on monday evening, saturday afternoon and sunday morning. If you keen on engaging me and would like to know what other parents said about me, feel free to visit my website Singapore Small Group Secondary Maths and Science Tuition. I will be uploading more testimonials and photos from this year students and parents with whom i am tutoring now. Alternatively please find me at 98555184 for more information. Hope to hear from you soon