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Dear Slyy,

I believe you can have your files transfered from KKH to TMC, it's just that if you do IVF in TMC, you can use your medisave, but you won't be able to avail of government subsidy..

visit for IVF, than IUI is more frequent and intensive.. Your gyne will definitely write a prescription for HL (home leave) for you..
IUI requires less MCs.. for IVF, it depends how long..

The nurse will explain the success rate of IUI vs. IVF to you..

IVF in thomson is around 15K? Not sure..
the MC form can reflect "general gyne issues" if you don't want co-workers to know..

Traveling is okay, but you may have to bring needles in the airport..


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Hi, I am 23 and married for 1year+. First time I conceived was Feb 2012, but it was a miscarriage after 15days of missed MC.
My hubby and I was trying since then, but no luck yet.

Before 2 months ie.,October , we have consulted Dr. Roland Cheing, and he gave some tips and asked us to try naturally, but no success till November.
Then we Planned to go for IUI in december, and went thru IUI on 7th Dec 2012. but no luck this time also.

Dr checked both of us, and he said no issues with both of us, hubby's sperm count and mobility all good. and no problem for me too.

Any suggestions please ?
Hey Wannabmtb I think Dr PC Wong is highly recommended in NUH.. He's the head of the dept or something. But I heard the cost of doing these assisted conception techniques in NUH can be higher than doing it in KKH..


For those who have difficulty conceiving, the government will help pay a bigger share of Assisted Reproduction Technology treatments.

It will now cover up to 75 per cent of treatment costs. These will be capped at S$6,300 per cycle for three fresh treatment cycles, and S$1,200 per cycle for three frozen treatment cycles.

The baby bonus cash gift will increase by S$2,000 per birth, up to the fourth child.

Every newborn will have a CPF Medisave account with a grant of S$3,000 to support healthcare costs. ChannelNewsAsia..
I wonder from which date this applies.


Hi im new to this thread too! Was ttc for close to 5 years, took clomid for 5 cycles but to no avail hence I hv just recently opted for iui. Took the puregon jab for 5 days and tomorrow will be going for the scan at kk. Was wondering will the puregon jab causes headache, bloated stomach etc?

melody yu

Hey guys,I've been trying to conceive for abt 2 years but no luck. Will b seeing my gynae next month to discuss abt ivf. But I'm wondering,anyone know what's e cost of each cycle?? Usually will need how many cycles? I'm worried abt e cost even though I really want to haf a baby =|
Hi melody,

It depends on if u opt for private or public hospitals..
I'm due to start ivf at kkivf so can advise you on their charges..

Basically, it costs $10-12k for a fresh cycle.
If its ur first time, u get the government grant and u can use ur medisave which adequately covers the entire cycle..

But there are some costs which are not claimable like registration fee, blood tests for hiv and hep, compulsary neo natal insurance etc.. In total, estimated cash to pay is 1k+.. But most are one time fees which if u need to do a 2nd cycle, is not required again..

I did one round of SO-IUI in Dec which failed.. So on to IVF for me because the younger you are, the chances are higher.. All the best!


Hi there,

Just had my very first natural IUI on 09 Feb 2013. Had my trigger shot on 08 Feb 2013.

Since then, been feeling very tired, bloated, mild cramp, sore breast. I also experience pinkish brown discharge 4dpiui.

Just wondering is this normal?


melody yu

Thanks for the info ^^
But what about IUI? It seems that a lot of couples try IUI before going for IVF. So gng for IUI oso requires to pay abt 1k cash for all the miscellaneous stuffs?? I'm actually still contemplating whether to try all these due to the financial issues,but I'm really keen to get a baby soon. Anyway,I'll b seeing Dr Sadhana from kk


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Hi I started ivf last sat, after e jab I experience nauseas n vomiting. Feeling lousy the whole day. It's been 6days after the injection. Anyone experience such symptom?


hi all, I am thinking to go for IUI... I have done my check one yr plus ago at NUH... so was thinking to go NUH, or private doc.. any suggestion on the doc I can go to? thanks!


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Hello ladies,

government just announced these..

Higher subsidies for fertility treatments

What do you all think of the new rules raising 50 to 75 percent subsidies and extending it to frozen cycles? Anyone thinking of availing of these? is it quite a big help? Or do think this might just make public hospitals crowded?

Does this help tip your decision to IVF instead of IUI?


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poohy:791930 said:
anyone did IUI recently?
hi poohy, iui shld increase your chances of getting bfp. I've done it before and it is not a painful process. only uncomfortable part is keeping full bladder -this is hardest!! to increase chances, hubby froze 1 sample & on day of iui produce another fresh. cos his is mostly bad heads n tails.. so doc suggest putting more in.. freezing cost $100+.. by the way.. if u hv 2 mature eggs, u can get twins! :)


Hi Poohy,

I have just done with my 4th IUI on 10 June 2013.

If this is another fail cycle, I will move to IVF for my next cycle.