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Hi girls! It was really nice to read about your ttc. Thanks for sharing it. For those who are still ttc and having hard times, don't give up. All of us had it. My journey wasn't easy at all. I had bad days, bad weeks and even bad months. 3 of our children were conceived naturally. But I had complications while giving birth to my 3rd baby. As we wanted to have more children we started to look for options. We decided to try using donor eggs. Our first try was a complete disaster. There were complications started from 9th week. On 11th week we had a scan which showed that the fetus faded on 7th week. That was a horrible time. I thought that was the end. But we still had 4 more tries. Second ivf cycle failed. And third one gave me my precious boys! So it wasn't simple thing to do. But all that was worth it.


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Hi all,

I am new here and just started my IVF FET last month but sad and disappointed that failed even though my doctor said i have 70% success rate. And i need some help and advice as my period started last thursday but 1-3 day is normal flow then 4&5 brown spotting but from this tuesday till today my period comes back and start bleeding and cramping the whole day. I am worried as i not sure if this is normal or should i go see doctor? Because today will be my 8th day but period still did not stop when my usual cycle last only 6 days. Thanks all for your advice.

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Thanks for sharing! I hope more parents who think IVF is their only resort will see this. The site name fits its purpose too!
Thanks for sharing! Was able to check out the website and it's filled with lots of helpful information parents can use. Good luck!


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Hi Ladies!

am a newbie here :) I have been TTC with my hubby for about 3 years with no good news. Recently we have engaged Dr. Kelly Loi from Health and Fertility Centre for a fertility screening to see if we need to explore the possibility of IVF. Had Pap smear, blood test and HSG done, waiting for this Saturday's review with Dr Kelly. Not sure what to expect thou. Anyone here who has been with Dr. Kelly Loi before whom can share your experience? Thank you!


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hi mummies,

i have been thinking of doing IVF too for my 2rd bb. as i had done a ligation and will be remarry and try another bb with my hubby. Duno what will my chances be..


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Hi all, I'm new in this forum. I've been married for 2 yrs and im 39 this years ..last years Nov 2017 we did some test and found out everything ok with me but hubby have low semen KKH suggested to do IVF but before that they wanna me to go BCCC session and im not sure if that complusary?.Any suggestion ladies? :(


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Hi I started ivf last sat, after e jab I experience nauseas n vomiting. Feeling lousy the whole day. It's been 6days after the injection. Anyone experience such symptom?
Hi all, I'm new in this forum. I've been married for 2 yrs and im 39 this years ..last years Nov 2017 we did some test and found out everything ok with me but hubby have low semen KKH suggested to do IVF but before that they wanna me to go BCCC session and im not sure if that complusary?.Any suggestion ladies? :(

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I'm new to the forum and is currently trying no.2 and considering IUI. I'm quite lost between choosing IVF and IUI. Thanks for the sharing of info in this thread!


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Hi I currently in my 2WW. Been using crinone and have this itchiness from buttock to thigh and slight rashes is found. Is this allergy effect using crinone?

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Hello Ladies!

I have gone through the same process like all of you is going through. When I was 18 years old I was diagnosed with PCOS and my doctors told me that if I ever wanna get pregnant it would take me a long time and a lot of difficulties. I ended up later nearly to go through an IUI treatment with my husband but then I got to hear about a new medical treatment called BEMER physical vascular therapy which promised me great results without any side effects of the medications which I would have to take before an IUI. This is actually just a medical mattress that has been used in EU in the past 20 years and it has shown great results.

It basically helps all your organs and cells to get to enough nutrition by strengthening your microcirculation system. Who would think that our microcirculation system is actually 60 % of all our circulatory system?

To make a long story I ended up getting pregnant with twins and have now since then altogether 4 children and no health problems.

You can read more about it on my homepage : https://bella-istenes.bemergroup.com/en/method

Wish everybody good luck!


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Hi all,

I need some advice here. I underwent 2 rounds of ivf egg retrieval and in total, I obtained 8 blastocysts (Day 5/6) and grading as follows:

3 x 4AB
1 x 4BA
1 x 4BB
1 x 5AC
2 x 5BB

I was advised to go for a third round of egg retrieval to bank more embryos. I am not young (40 years old), that's why they are worried about the quality of my blasts.

With the grading, can anyone advise me which is better?

1) transfer
2) retrieve more
3) do pgs, but may eliminate 2/3 of existing 8.

Need your advice urgently.



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Before IVF/IUI, you may want to consider Rosytime

Rosytime makes many couples' dream comes true

I experienced countless hopes and disappointments for my first baby. I have consulted multiple western doctors and also tried Chinese medicine, and many secret tips, but still I can't conceive. I felt disappointed, sad and mad, and when I almost gave up, suddenly there is a good news

Here comes I want a second child. I thought: having the first child gave us so much trouble, I asked my husband if we should see chinese doctor?

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Hence, everyday I will take Rosytime as my daily nutrition, and fortunately, I got pregnant really quickly!

I am really grateful to get to know nutritional immunology products as they gave me enough nutrition for a day!

Thankfully having Rosytime, Soygreen and Emunity during my pregnancy, I can maintain a healthy weight, and the baby in my tummy also growing healthily.

If you are planning for a baby, but after so long still unable to conceive naturally, try Rosytime before going to IVF, you will feel the goodness of it.

If you would like to know more about Rosytime, please leave a pm.