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ok there is 2 ways to change it, the most easier way is go by this
go to blogger design
select template designer
on the left hand side u will see a background design
then u can modify from there.

Let me know if it can't work. Coz if u use customize templates which is design by other people this method may not work. :)
thats is the original design rite.. i want to change the skin which is design by other ppl.. :( the steps is confusing ... hand super itchy anyhow press and press NOW my blog hang there .. HELP!
Any customize templates which design by others is easy to download in steps .. ?? :(


wah.. google very long for nice templates.

u can go to

or just go google and type blogger skin templates, design, cute blog skins templates, 2 / 3 / 4 column templates etc

have a try :)


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The Ng's family just had a new addition to the family! While we welcome him (our first baby) with open arms, we didn't expect him to also bring along something unexpected (although we were kind of prepared for some unexpected experiences, but we didn't know it's THIS unexpected!) Want to find out more? Check out my blog @ Ngdoghouse | A little page about the Ng's family

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Hi Mummies!!

Nice to meet you guys!
you may love to dropby my blog when you guys arw free... My blog talks parenting,beauty and etc :)

Name: MamaKelynn
Blog url:

Thanks you and hope your enjoy reading!