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Re: Hi Mummies!!

Nice to meet you guys!
you may love to dropby my blog when you guys arw free... My blog talks parenting,beauty and etc :)

Name: MamaKelynn
Blog url:

Thanks you and hope your enjoy reading!
Would you be keen to contribute to ? is an online magazine and we could use some of your articles.


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Hi all blogger mummies!
This might interest you!

Children Floristry (Floral arrangement) workshops, Slime making workshops, Children Sewing workshops, Japanese mochi making, dumpling making, cookie decoration and lots more!!!

Check out

Our workshops are not just art and craft lessons - They are enriching experiences filled with fun and imaginative! Crammed with interesting, creative hands on activities, Create For Fun workshops are designed for children of all ages, to engage their creative minds and busy hands to create wonderful creations that they will be proud of and leaving them with fun filled memories.

Whether you are looking to host that special Birthday Party, go for an enriching Holiday Program or organize a School Event, Create For Fun can help you make it extra special.

The team at Create For Fun will go to any party venue, create a pop-up class and conduct classes to your guests!

Follow us at @createforfun_sg

Like us at

Upcoming workshops here:

Ben Tan

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Hi all! I am a RI / RJC graduate who is currently giving tuition for Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry. For anyone whose child needs help academically, please let me know and we can find a way to help him/her together. I give a 1.5 hour free trial lesson for quality assurance. Thank you and have a good day!

A wealth of teaching experience - 3 years of teaching both primary and secondary school

Great Results, Drastic Improvement- All O level students (5 in total) under me have attained A1/A2 for their O Levels and all primary school students (4 in total) attained an A or A* for their PSLE.

Graduated from RI and RJC with straight As (7 distinctions) - I know how to score
Have consistently maintained 80 percentile in RI and RJC for physics and mathematics and 70 percentile for chemistry

Free 1.5 hour trial lesson for quality assurance. Don’t worry if you have very bad results or extremely weak fundamentals - this is my selling point- 70% of my students come to me with C6/55 marks and below, but all of them end up with an A.

Mathematics: Pri 1-6 / sec 1-4 / JC 1-2
Physics: Sec 1-4 / JC 1-2
Chemistry: Sec 1-4

I can be contacted at
Thank you for your time!