My superb experience - IPL Hair Removal


I think it was not too bad. Coz most times I go for free facials or cheap facials... All the credit card promos. LOL.


Then they showed me their package prices (for other parts of the body).
And they asked me if I'm still interested to sign the package.
No hard selling at all. They left me alone for a while to read through the materials and to consider carefully without any pressure.
Then I confirmed the package and paid.
How much did you pay for the package?


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I had used so many methods for removing my unwanted hairs but never succeed. Later, I used IPL method for removing the hairs and my experience was good. Now, my hairs have permanently gone.


Me too! Took up package at Musee PS a yr plus ago. Very satisfied with the results! Signed up for $128 that time. Oh ya! They advertise on some deal website before. $99 unlimited and comes with $200 voucher. Definitely a good deal!


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I also have a very good experience with IPL treatment. I always wanted to remove my hairs permanently; I used many products but never succeed. Later, I tried IPL method and I am very happy to see that, my hairs have permanently gone after 5 to 6 sittings.


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I've tried hair removal treatments with Dr Leo at Mt Elizabeth a few weeks ago. I thought the procedure would be painful but it really wasn't, and the results are good and long-lasting. I think I'd prefer these treatments over creams as they last longer.