Nestle NAN HA3/Gro3 promotion at Cold Storage


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To mums and dads who are giving Nestle NAN 3 to their babies:

I happened to be at Heartland Mall (Kovan) yesterday and managed to grab the promotional cartons of H.A. 3.
Each carton of 6 (buy 5 get 1 free) going at $217.50, that breaks down to $36.25 per tin.
Also saw cartons of Gro3 but forgot the pricing as I was only targeting H.A. 3, sorry about that.

I am not sure if this is the best price for H.A. 3, but in view of NTUC Fairprice raising its price from $36.10 to $43.50 per tin, I quickly grabbed two cartons.

Hope this info is of help to fellow mums and dads who feel the pinch of rising prices of everything.

And if you do know other cheaper sources for Nestle NAN, please do drop a note! =)