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Hi guys I am from San Francisco looking forward to chatting with you.
Has anyone here engaged Photolux, a photography company in Singapore?

The company's photographer, Li Jun Bin, did not legally obtained models’ release forms from those models whose photographs he has secretly uploaded onto Facebook, Flickr, and various websites. Many of his photographic subjects, both professional and freelance models, are unaware that their photographs have been misused by Li Jun bin.

In Singapore, every model has the legal right to likeness or the right of publicity. Nobody wants his or her photographs to be misused and uploaded onto websites that he or she has zero idea about.

Lastly, Li Jun Bin has a knack for selectively taking photographs of only females and not males, raising logical questions about whether these female models have been safe while working with a gender-biased photographer.

Numerous female models are unaware that their photographs were uploaded unto Li Jun Bin’s Flickr account.

Are you one of his models?


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Hey! I'm not really a mum but I'm a parent from San Jose, CA. Single parent to be exact. I have a 5 y.o. daughter named Brie and her mom was from SG too. My wife passed away 2 years ago and it hasn't been very easy being a single parent.

I hope all of you are doing well.


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Hello! I am also a newbie here. I am glad to find the chat, want to share my experience, ask a few questions. I have two children, they study at home. I am also working remotely. Have a good day!