Nursing rooms in Sg


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I think Nex's nursing rooms are quite ok, with hot/cold water dispensers. Just wish they will take in feedback to change those sliding doors, easily can see inside through mirror reflection. So eventhough sitting in there, i still need an apron while feeding bb
For nex there's another nursing room at isetan kids department there. The doors are wooden one :)


Wat I find it bad is the small stool, not comfortable to sit to breastfeed, I most of the time will walk to isetan nursing room which is more comfortable

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Just wanted to share this free iPhone app - "Family Fun", developed for parents in Singapore. It is the first-ever such app that locates the nearest family-friendly events and facilities such as: Nursing Rooms, Play Areas, Family Restaurants, Children's Toilets, Places of Interest, Family Events, Diaper Changing Areas.

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Do you update this list? NEX shopping mall at Serangoon MRT also has several nursing rooms n free strollers for loan:

Nursing Rooms
Nursing Rooms are located at every level of the mall.
SkyGarden (Level 4R) - Near Serangoon Public Library
Level 4 - near Food Junction & near Virtualand
Level 3 - near Isetan
Level 2 - near Isetan & near Watsons
Level 1 - near G2000 & near Crystal Jade Kitchen
Basement 1 - near M1 & near Shokutsu 10
Basement 2 - near Kim Eng Securities & near Jean Yip Hub

Free Baby Pram & Wheelchair loan
Baby stroller (for children below 3 years old) and wheelchair are available for loan at no charge.

info taken from: nex

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Dear Lyra

Thank you very much for the information, and we will check to include them in our Family Fun.

Please do help to keep your contributions coming!

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Been to the nursing room recently, and it is still full of roaches. saw a pizza box left behind and a staff having his dinner there. =(
Facilities wise, 313@somerset's nursing room is complete (microwave, hot/cold water dispenser, spacious nursing room with couch, and an area where daddies can wait) BUT they seriously need to consider the sanitation of the place. Also, I dont't think its also proper for mall staff to USE the nursing room just to have their meals, brush their teeth, wash dishes and get hot water from the dispenser. It's so unethical!:nah:

Same with Ion Orchard, their nursing rooms located at food republic and near Awfully Chocolate is ALWAYS being used by some mall staff to refill water, etc. I understand their need to eat and all but I think there's always a right place for these things, and NOT a mall's nursing room. Good riddance:err:


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They should hv a pantry for the staff n not let them use the nursing rooms as pantry! Seriously I think I will be v put off from gg out at all after giving birth...

cn naz

went to ion nursing room in had cockroaches in the diaper table. ick! maybe it's the basement. shall try the upper level. *shudder*


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Thank you for the share Cyn. I’m already familiar with Marina Square as my family used to go there and was looking one at Parkway. Very useful J


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Dear mummies, I think I have found a complete list of nursing room here: Nursing Room

But I have a question. Any public nursing room in those industrial area or CBD area? anyone can share.


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I would like to share a Nursing Room Singapore app that I have developed and available on both App Store and Google Play Store.

Visit for more info and to download the app.

You may notice that there are missing photos and that there are some nursing rooms not listed. As this is a community driven app, I am depending on the community to contribute to the list by submitting an entry, including photo upload.