Origami or clay making?


Hi mummies,
do you teach your kids to do origami or clay moulding? Wonder any mummies out there are good in these? I only know how to fold the paper crane...haha! Share yours! :)


I only noe how to fold "boat" hahahha, but I got a book on origami bought long time ago, never hv the patience to start, so just throw it to her to self learn. Recently bought some dough for my gal (7 yo) to play.

Btw, if u interested in origami, u can go to the "Golibrary" website to check, think TPY library has a free origami workshop every month, within the workshop got diff gps, so kids and adult oso can join. No pre-registration required, just go earlier to chop seats can liao.

as for clay moulding, after my gal is done w the dough, maybe w let her play abit of clay. There is oso some clay workshop at the library, the old ones r over liao, u can go their website to chx if there r new ones.


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Actually there are alot of origami tutorials online that you can refer to.

We do clay as well, those polymer clay like jumping clay.


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Hi) It seem's to me that clay moulding is much more creative, because origami needs plan, instructions. But clay allows child's imagination fly in any way. It's more creative and really develops skills)