Plain Rice Porridge


Rinse the rice briefly. When the rice is clean, soak it in 150ml clean water for 2 hours.
Pour the soaked rice, the water in which it has been soaking, into a small pot and bring to a boil. Then lower the heat and leave to simmer with the pot covered for 45 mins or until the rice grains have broken up completely.
Turn off the heat and leave the pot covered for 5 mins.
At this stage, finely-minced meat and vegetables may be added to the cooked porridge which should then be allowed to cook for another 5 to 10 mins or till the additional ingredients are done.


if we just add minced chicken or pork, is it too tasteless? If so, what can we add to put some taste in it?
what is the appropriate age to add wolfberries?

Now dd#2 is ten months... can?

and how much to add? cos dd#1 is wolfberries crazy... she eats lots of it when steamed with her fish.


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Can I know what do you mean by raw rice?? Is it the brown rice or just plain white rice?



my DD is 4mths 19days old.. wanna intro solid food like plain porridge to her..
juz plain porridge or shld i add in anything else?


hihi lts

sorry 4 the late reply. wolfberries can b given to bb when they start porridge. As long as we dun feed bb tonns of wolfberries everyday, it's fine. hahahaha..:tlaugh:


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Hi mummies...

does anyone know how to cook brown rice porridge and whether its ok to feed my 7 months old baby with it ?

thanks :)


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Hi mummies...

does anyone know how to cook brown rice porridge and whether its ok to feed my 7 months old baby with it ?

thanks :)
I used to cook brown rice porridge by adding in 2T (level) of rice grains and 150ml of stock. Put these into the slow cooker and cook for about 2-3hrs. Put in other ingredients like fish and veg only later when about to serve (give about 10-15min to cook). Coz your bb is only 7 months old, you should push the mixture through a sieve to get the hard husks of brown rice grains out, leaving behind a smooth gruel.


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Thank you so much for the recipe. I loved it. And really I enjoyed so much in preparing it. Above all that my sweet kid liked it a lot. Keep adding new recipes. Wish you a good luck.


Congee is a plain rice porridge that is fantastic for anyone with digestion problems, that is sick, or that needs to be heated up quickly. You can add any toppings you want - and have a warm hearty meal!

1. In a large pot, bring the rice and water to a slow boil.

2. Place a lid on top, but make sure it is tilted a little, to let some steam escape.

3. Cook on low heat, keeping a very slow boil, and stir occasionally. This process will take time to do. If you boil it too fast, you risk burning your rice mixture.

4. Stir stir stir, breaking up the rice into the water. This is what makes the thick consistency. The process may take up to 1 - 1 1/2 hours. You are looking for thick texture, like porridge.

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Dear all,

I am planning to start cooking porridge for my 7-mth old gal. Is it necessary to soak the rice for 2 hours? If so, I can only do it on weekends ;P