SALE: SK II Facial Lift Emulsion *NEW 100g standard size

Dee Ho

Dear Mummy / SK II User;
I m a SK II user my self but Since now I am not using the SK II Facial Lift Emulsion (as I m using another SK II similar product) anymore I have this new un-used bottle with me since last year.

*The TANG price tag is still in tag with the box!! ;) The tag is an reassurance that I bought from the SK II counter in Singapore

Thus, rather to put at home to waste decide to sell @ SG$80 (original price I bought was SG$130) ; )
check out the product details.

For Payment details, it will be POBS ATM Bank transfer, self collection preferred but can be nego. (i.e. postage registered mail, etc) Please sms me @ 97634890 and I will furnish the necessary details.

Any queries can contact me as well. Thank you. :)

Dee Ho