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Hi there! Everything you need to know about me (the tutor) is found on my website. Hope to work with you soon! :)



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Can anyone recommend English groups for babies 3-5 y.o.? I'm planning to settle in Singapore in the summer, so I don't know which one is best. I'm searching for something like, but for kids. In Florida, there are plenty of such groups. I've heard that you have even more. It would be nice if the group will locate in the Novena district or nearby. Also, which language should the baby know besides English? I know that many Singaporeans speak Chinese. Would it be hard for the child to learn both these languages simultaneously if parents don't speak Chinese?
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If you want to learn a new language, a tutor is the best solution. Sometimes it happens that you don't have enough money to learn a new language. A friend of mine from Europe was able to learn English entirely on his own. He spent an hour every evening watching lectures by the best teachers. From the course of lessons, he knew that it was necessary to begin to understand the idioms. So he was learning 4 new idioms a day here When I talk to him on the phone, I am surprised that he often explains the meaning of many idioms.


I always enjoy doing group tutoring as well, among my students. Besides, now that I have gained experience tutoring Skova, it is much easier for me to give my students all the necessary information than before. The only thing I couldn't figure out for a long time was whether I needed a license to start a tutoring business. But then, when I read all the information on this site, everything became clear to me. Now I know that if I work as a tutor in the U.K., I will file tax returns every year. And in the U.S. I will have to register as a sole trader. In general, there is nothing complicated here. The main thing is to read the information in more detail.