September Holiday Art and Craft Workshops


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For this September holiday, 5th September to 13th September 2015, join us to have an enriching fun time. We have full day and half day programmes available. Browse through to select your favorite themes:
-> Unicorn Monday
-> Hello Kitty Tuesday
-> Jurassic Wednesday
-> Smurf Thursday
-> Winx Club Friday
-> Portrait of Elsa
-> Portrait of Anna

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如克+妈妈 亲子自助绘画
Since the start of our Art Jam sessions, our little artists and their parents eagerly participated together and had a great time, planning, sketching and painting. From a 3rd person's perspective, both parent and child had a fun bonding time and seeing such a bond have led me feeling really touched. I am very happy to provide this opportunity and catering an environment for them to engage in their imagination, creativity and creating a common interest. Some of our little artists have feedback to me that they really enjoyed painting together with their daddy and mummy and some of them mentioned that when Christmas arrives, they want to ask their parents along to create a nice Christmas canvas painting and hang it at home. One of our little artists mentioned he is really proud of his mum, saying that his mum is actually very good in art and I can see through his eyes that pride and love for his mum. Although it was a good 2 hour session for all of them, I feel that it's a little rush for them to complete a nice good painting. In my personal opinion, a good art piece needs fine details and sometimes, multiple layers are required to create a richer colour tone and blend. To encourage our little artists' parents, Artistori has decided to let them have a free session once per month every month. I hope to see more beautiful and heart-warming moments as I have seen in the past weeks. I believe that our little artists' interest in art can be improved with their parents' interest and confidence in art as well!

Yours Sincerely,
Teacher Charlotte
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