SG girl, 26, said she'll delete guys numbers after talking to them and she'll mute them individually

It sounds bizarre, I know. But my friend and fellow millennial, *Mandy, 28, swears by this trick.

“Guys love the chase, and if you seem too easy, they get bored and lose interest,” she explains.

So what exactly does she do?

“To start, I never save their numbers. Once I start talking to them on WhatsApp, I delete their numbers and mute them individually. I’ll reply only when I happen to be on WhatsApp or when I feel like it. This could range from a few hours to a few days. Doing so keeps them on their toes.”

When I first heard this, I thought Mandy was insane. But, she swears it works, and it’s how she met her boyfriend, *Josh, and determined he was the right person for her.

“I only save the number of guys who bother trying to talk to me for more than three months. Think of it as a three-month trial for your attention. Once the three months are up, and he’s demonstrated that he’s putting in the effort, he’s ‘passed’ the test.”

Again, I thought this was a ludicrous concept. Mandy — who is a big fan of dating coach Matthew Hussey — believes that women should only give their attention to guys who show up and match the level of attention and effort given.

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