Stretch Mark Lotion


oh i also tried palmers skin therapy oil but still prefer bio oil coz palmers dont feel moisturising enough, even though its easier to spread, it takes longer to sink in. and i got sick of the smell (cocoa butter) after awhile..


I am palmers skin therapy oil with rose hip fragrance. I love the smell and the oil work so far so good on me.


Any one is using "matern program" stretch marks cream? It's made in France. I used during my 1st preggy n was recommended by my gynae. No stretch marks. Now, my gynae don't carry this cream anymore. So far no luck in finding it. Any one can help, pls?


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I will recommend

California Baby Natural Pregnancy Nourishing Emulsion Stretch Marks
California Baby Natural Pregnancy Nourishing Emulsion Stretch Marks -- 6 fl oz - Vitacost

it's organic, California Baby this brand can be found in waston which is made in USA , but price is very high. It's safe and organic. I used it when I was preganet which is a gift sent by my friend . she purchased it from US website. It's much cheaper and it works.

Now I always buy my son's shampoo , lotion and bubble bath of this brand from the web.

you can buy it from vitacost and could get $10 coupon as new customer.

you may refer to my thread get more details about how to get safe product and save money:)


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oh but Palmer's oil therapy works perfectly fine for me eh. my stretch marks not that visible anymore! really like the fact that it helps to moisturize my skin also. generally it works for me. actually their facebook page is having free giveaways now? so if you want to try first then decide whether you want to buy the full product, then go like their FB page first?


ive tried a few including clarins, my fav is bio oil. been apply cream/oils 2x a day since week 20 and *touch wood* no stretch marks whatsoever.

can find bio oil at guardian, $15.50 for a 60ml bottle, it lasts me about 2 weeks coz i am v generous w application..

I'm also using Bio Oil and since my 2nd trimester. I applied at belly, thighs, lower back and sometimes breast areas.. It also lasts me about 2weeks :) recommended by my aunt who used and no stretch marks !!

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Hi ladies,

I am into my 4th month pregnancy and will appreciate recommendations on Breast Cream too.
Am afraid of sagging and stretch marks on burst area after pregnancy…


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Don't think there's too early? Could always think of it as a skin moisturizer if you use it early instead of purely for stretchmark prevention. :)

Have the following in my arsenal through giftings from friends and MIL that I alternate in-between:

1. Plagentra (Light and pretty easy to absorb!)
2. Elancyl (This one is moisturizing and smells nice!)
3. Santa Maria Novella Protective Oil (Keeps the skin moisturized through the night, so usually I use this before bedtime)
4. Rosehip massage oil (Yet to try)
5. Palmer (Don't really like this, smell is too strong and sweet. Least favourite :( )
6. Shea butter cream from M&S (Nice fragrant and light in texture and value for money! Even if not for stretch mark, works great on arms and legs as a body cream. Would recommend before bedtime as well)

My sister only used no. 6 and she didn't have stretch marks, just fyi.

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Hi Sakshi, just to share with you that I started using stretch mark cream like 2-3times a wk during first trimester. So no harm to start early.
I just reached second trimester and tried to use more often like 3-4 times a wk.
Thanks for the inputs egft and Win Won.
Now I surely would go and do some shopping for creams and oils :)

Win Won, what cream are you using?
Would olive oil be good too?

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Hi Sakshi,
I understand that some women uses olive oil but I nvr. I only use Olive shower gel from Body Shop.
Before pregnant I've already used palmers product so I continued with the brand.

In first trimester I was using Palmer's Massage Lotion for stretch marks & its itchy skin soothing oil for tummy & thighs.
But for breast, Palmer's Cocoa Butter burst firming cream.
Ard week 8-9? I was having itchy belly button which i think was from the skin stretch. After applying cream the itchiness went away.

I've just bought Clarins Huile Tonic and will start use later today. :)

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Hi ladies,

I'm wondering if u continue to apply stretch mark creams after giving birth? The Clarin's promoter told me to continue to use product up to 3 mths after birth due to sagging stomach.
Pls advise if u continue to apply stretch mark cream daily after giving birth.