Want to learn some basic cooking


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Hi mummies,

Anyone can recommend some basic cooking classes? Nothing exotic i guess, I only cook on weekends hence, I have limited practice sessions. Its tough now that my picky gal turns 2... I heard mixed reviews abt the CC cooking classes. Like to have some feedback on those too.

thanks in advance!


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While I haven't taken any cooking classes I found that watching cooking videos on YouTube that show you step by step on how to cook some recipes extremely helpful for picking up some basics.


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Hello! It's nice, I tried to cook a lot because of the quarantine. I usually look for these recipes on youtube, there are a lot of things quite simple, and you do not need a lot of products. I like that. Be sure to share your successes.
Some of the lessons at the CCs are quire reliable! But these days I think youtube is quite reliable too! Youtube is like a major recipe book with instructions! go for it!