woman wasted 300 bucks on extremely dirty glamping trip....

We were fully aware that it would be rough and rustic but for $300 a night just for the room no other perks or add-ons, it’s not too much to ask for an acceptable level of hygiene, no? I mean, they are marketing themselves as a “luxury experience” and for comparison, you can get a room, albeit the most basic, at the posh and historic Fullerton Hotel for around that price.

So it came as a bit of a shock that the tent was barely presentable and very poorly maintained. The outside is covered in green mold/ slime and other unsightly stains that in daylight, look like something out of a grisly crime scene.

.........Aside from being so squalid that the surfaces are literally brown and black in places, the toilets also stank sharply of pee that has been stewing forever. Upon feedback, the “director” haughtily retorted that we should be thankful it’s not clogged or covered in used nappies like as if that’s the gold standard for “luxury” service.

A lot more at https://www.prolificskins.com/forum/announcements-broadcasts/amdl-wasted-300-bucks-on-an-unacceptably-filthy-experience-in-the-wild-courtesy-of-glamping-society-1