WTS: Epic Card Digital Lock $599- Buy 1 get 1 free Epic N Touch Digital lock hp 88668884

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For Those whom have part time maid, you may use your Epic Digital Lock to issue one time password so that, you dont have to issue any card or pin to the maid. It is very useful and easy to use

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My Digital Lock Sell Gateman, EPIC and Samsung Digital Lock with HDB Fire Rated Door and HDB Gate

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Singapore HDB Veneer Fire Rated Door with Epic Popscan fingerprint digital lock with stainless steel lines

My Digital Lock’s Door Factory customize premium veneer skin for HDB Fire Rated Door with Epic Popscan Fingerprint Digital Lock

All our veneer skin is different from the market as it is more shiny and the wood grain is more real

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Epic, #1 Best Selling Digital Lock in JAPAN, 100% Made in Korea

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