A Child’s Letter to Her Parents During Divorce


Dear Mommy and Daddy,
Yesterday I just stood there as you fought over my baby sister. Mommy had both her arms and Daddy had both her legs. I thought my baby sister would break in half but she just cried cause she is only one years old. I felt so bad that I didn’t stop you from fighting over her, it is all my fault. Maybe if I was better then you won’t fight so much. 

Daddy, you say mean things to me and Mommy. You say my mommy tells lies about you. But she is nice to me and takes care of me and my sister. She listens to me when I cry and tries to make me feel better. She tells me that you are mean and if you were nice then she would not have to be mean. Daddy, please be nice to Mommy so she can be nice to you. 

Daddy, I have fun when we are together doing stuff. You take me places I like to go. But Mommy tells me I don’t have to go with you if I don’t want. She told me that we can do something special if I don’t go with you. I like her treats too so I get confused about where to go.

I don’t’ like to go without my baby sister because she needs me to take care of her. I am away from her at school and I wish I didn’t have to go to school so I could stay at home and help Mommy out with her. Mommy gets tired easily and besides only I know how she feels and she needs me. One day she fell asleep and I tried to wake her up but she won’t get up. My baby sister was crying so I talked to her until Mommy got up. It was dark then.

I love my school but you keep fighting over money and how much it costs. All my friends go there but I don’t want you to fight. Can I go to a school you won’t fight over? I don’t care where I go. I’ll be good wherever you send me. I promise.

I don’t want to lie. I learned in school that you shouldn’t tell a lie but Mommy you asked me to lie about Daddy. You told me to tell my teacher that Daddy hit me. He did not hit me. I told her that he did but then she asked me questions and you weren’t there so I didn’t know how to answer them. Can you come to school with me and tell my teacher what you want me to say to her? I don’t want to lie to her. She is nice to me and she looks sad when other kids lie to her. I don’t want to be like them.

Daddy you scared me when you get angry. I don’t like your angry voice. Mommy told me that you hurt people when you get like that. You have not hurt me but I am afraid that if I am not good enough you will. I also don’t want my baby sister to get hurt so please stop getting angry. I will do whatever you want if you just stop yelling. Please don’t hurt me like Mommy said you would.

It made me sad that you were fighting over my baby sister. I know that you have not fought over me like that cause I am bad and she is good. It is ok. I know that I am bad cause if I were good, you would not have left Daddy. I tell my baby sister to stay good so that Mommy won’t leave too cause that is what parents do when their kid is bad.

I have an idea. Since I am bad, break me in half so my baby sister doesn’t have to be broken. I am afraid that you will break her one day and then I will be sad. I dont’t want to live without her. Then maybe you will not fight anymore. This is all I want, for you to stop fighting.

Please stop.

Your Child


  1. Kids are always the victim when it comes to matters pertaining to divorces. It is indeed heart wrenching to read a letter like the above, be it fiction or otherwise.

    And I suppose that the kids, as stated in the letter, would think that it was their fault causing her parents to not stay together… which in itself, is a very notion