Tips to Keep Your Baby’s Crib Safe


A beautiful home is a safe home. Preparing for the big day also entails preparing not only the newborn essentials but making sure that upon your baby’s arrival, there is a safe environment where he can thrive. If you decide not to co-sleep with your baby, here is a video that may help you to make his crib safe.

When you’re putting together the crib, you need to make sure it is safe. There are safety bumpers around the perimeter of the crib, and those bumpers have little ties on them. Those ties need to be able to push up and down. I’ve seen some customers tie the tie up to where it’s on a rung on the crib, trying to make it so that it does not go up and down. But we want the bumper to move up and down, so that when your baby is sitting up and then, at some point, standing up on that crib, they dont’t use the bumper as a stepping stool to fall out of the crib. So, always make sure that those bumpers move up and down. When your child is old enough to sit up, it’s time to remove that bumper. Some moms think, “Gosh, but my baby will fall asleep and their head is right next to the rail of the crib.” Well, your baby will be able to move away, right? Because your child is sitting up now. It’s really the lesser of two evils. So, you dont’t want your baby falling out of the crib. If you do have an early climber, and some parents do, if it’s before two years I would deem it an early climber, that child needs to have a crib safety tent installed. Again, some families have a hard time with that because of the cage effect. But I know someone personally whose nephew actually died and broke his neck when he crawled out of the crib. So, it’s extremely important to keep that baby in that crib to keep that baby safe and healthy.

Keep well.