7 clever uses of lonely socks


When a sock often loses its mate, it officially becomes a source of clutter. Despite, many still keep an orphan sock thinking that one day, its mate will turn up. But in reality, how many times does it happen? Because we understand how much you do not want to put everything to waste, here are 7 great and surprising uses of lonely, orphan socks:

1. It makes an awesome jewelry and travel shoe protectors.
Socks are a great way to protect your shoes from the wear and tear of traveling as well as protect the other items in your suitcase. Just slide your shoes into each sock and you’ve got yourself a great shoe protector. You can also use them to pack your jewelry in to keep it safe while traveling.

2. Wear them.
Whoever told us that we cannot wear unmatched socks is utterly wrong! This may not seem as obvious (or maybe it’s so obvious that it’s often overlooked), but you can still wear them. You can make a pair using another lonely sock and wear them around the house.

3. Make a cute coffee sleeve.For a heat-blocking band that’s a little more crafty than cardboard, snip off the top off a fuzzy sock.

4. Make a sock bun for you hair.
Cut the toe off, roll and use as a sock bun for your hair. Easy peasy.

5. Make rice bags as a hot pack.
Simply fill the sock with rice and tie at the end, or you can sew if you want. Throw in the microwave for two minutes and get an instant heat relief. Can even throw in freezer for cold pack. Whatever suits you! Great remedy for achy necks and joints.

6. Make a knee pad or elbow protector.
Just cut the toe off. Better to use two orphan socks together to maximise protection.

7. Make a pet toy.
If you have pets, you can make a cool tug-of-war toy for them. Have a look at this tutorial from Real Simple on how to make one. If you have a cat, you can stuff a little cat nip inside it, close it up, and watch your cat go nuts. You may also want to check with your local animal shelter to find out if they have a need for them.

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