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    Jobs in real estate sector in singapore?

    One of the sites i came across that's very helpful on all the steps required to take in SG.. Property Agent Career and reviews of the course providers for the RES course..
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    New condos in Bukit Timah area

    Check out the many new condos in the Bukit Timah area:
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    New launches in the Holland/Farrer Road area

    Check out the many upcoming new condo launches in the Holland/Farrer Road area.
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    Looking For Good Food In Singapore

    Holland Village, Dempsey and Ghim Moh have some Michelin-listed nice food. See under the section Food Paradise
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    NEW Real Estate sales person with

    Have been contemplating to go back to the work force too and been looking up the steps to join property as a career and which agency to join. Came across some good info here. You can check it out. Let me know if it helps!! All the best! RES Course and Exams Which Real Estate Agency To Join
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    2 weeks to Europe, travel with baby, is it ok?

    Wow this is gonna be very tough, would advice you guys to really plan well for your trip as its not going to be easy!! Amenities and baby shops locations will be first sorted out
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    Riviere Condo former Zouk by Frasers Property

    Isnt this old plot of land that used to be zouk!
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    Haus on Handy by CDL

    wow i wonder how much will this condo cost, crazy prices in town.
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    Capri By Fraser, China Square: Beacon of Heritage

    Wow, could you provide more details or highlights of your stay?
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    Any Malay Massage lady to recommend??

    Hi could i have mdm katijah contact! Tyvm
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    We are TTC-ing!

    Wow this thread is pretty informative, hope more people can share of their experience.
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    Bad confinement lady experience

    Oh dear, thats really scary! How did you come across the bad confinement lady?!
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    North Area - I am a Babysitter Experienced babysitter at Punggol

    Hi, is your mother is available! Please pm me if she is!
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    Blacklist Maid

    Wow this makes me paranoid! Hope to get a good maid, and im getting one soon!